soup & bread

from january - april 2021

soup & bread was a program Omar and Audri, the owners of nana, launched during the the start of 2021 in response to the growing issue of food insecurity in our community. With the generous support of High Roads Kitchen and ongoing donations from our loyal customers, family, friends and neighbors, we were able to distribute nearly 3,000 meals to individuals and families in need. Anyone who was hungry and needed help putting food on their table was welcome to pick up a meal. We met so many incredible people through this 3 month program - some who were forced out of Chicago but heard of our effort and sent a donation by mail, others who connected us to partner organizations and assisted with food pick ups, vendors who offered to contribute food items, and so many individuals who contributed monetarily online. For all of you, we will be forever grateful. We also met mothers trying to feed their families, church goers picking up for neighbors in need and seniors who just needed a helping hand through the pandemic. For all of you, your stories and our conversations will never be forgotten.