soup & bread

Months ago we had hoped to be in a better place at the start of the new year, but sadly, the pandemic continues to ravage our communities.  With so many people struggling, we want to help alleviate the challenge of putting food on the table for individuals and their families. Introducing soup & bread, a new program aimed at feeding our community during these difficult times. Launching at the end of January 2021, the program will provide our Bridgeport neighbors and those in surrounding areas in need with a warm meal at no cost. 

How it works

To give:  Anyone may contribute by clicking on 'donate a bowl of soup' on our ordering page as a way to help us help those in need. Funds collected here will go to our soup & bread program. A bowl purchased means another hungry person is fed.

To register: Anyone who finds themself in need of a meal may register for soup & bread. This program is intended to feed those who can directly benefit from the assistance. Use the registration box below to reserve your bowl. 

Soup & bread is distributed Tuesdays & Thursdays between 1-3pm beginning January 26th.  When registering, you will be asked on which day you wish to pick up- please note that pick up days are for the upcoming week. If you register on a Wednesday, for example, you may pick up the next day (Thursday) or the Tuesday of the following week. 

A new soup will be offered each week and some soups may come with bread while other soups may be paired with tortillas or tortilla strips. Our social media channels (@nanaorganic) will offer updates on the soup of the week. There is a maximum of two soup bowls per individual to ensure everyone has an opportunity to register. If there are more than two in a household, other adults in the household may register as well. 


A special thanks to High Roads Kitchen for their support in this effort. 

Soup and Bread continues to serve those in need through partnerships with local organizations, like Primo Center, a shelter for women and children, and others. As of March 30th, we are no longer taking submissions here.