At the end of January we launched a soup & bread program in partnership with High Roads Kitchens Chicago. The program aims to address food insecurity in our community and continues through various partnerships with local organizations. 
We are currently working on a new brunch menu to launch later this spring- stay tuned!
coming back in spring!

available all day

metropolis drip coffee  $2.50
cappuccino $4.25
latte (hot/ iced) $4.25/ 3.50
mocha (hot/ iced) $4.75/4.50
cortado $3.75
americano (hot/ iced) $3.75/3.25
espresso shot $2.50
masala chai latte  $4.50
golden latte $4.50
matcha latte $4.50
cold brew $3.00
cold brew lemonade $3.50
freshly squeezed lemonade $3.25
orange juice $3.50
grapefruit juice $3.50
horchata $3.00
summer lemon tea $2.75
wild berry hibiscus $2.75
coke, diet coke, sprite $2.50
chocolate milk $3.75
margarita (lime or strawberry)  $10
bloody mary $10
bloody maria $10
michelada $10
oaxaca iced coffee $10
mimosa $10
beermosa $10
pacifico $5
modelo $4
tecate $4
anti-hero $4
daisy cutter $5

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